Date of launch1885
Place of launchLiverpool
Type3-masted iron ship
Length80.0 m (262.5 ft)
Beam11.7 m (38.4 ft)
Draft7.0 m (23.0 ft)

Later names: Imperator Alexander II, Ernst (1919)

  • 1885
    Built of iron by R. Williamson & Son., Workington for R.W. Leyland & Co., Liverpool. She was rigged as a three-masted full-rigged ship carrying royals over single topgallant sails and double topsails.

  • 1899
    Sold to Gabriel Granlund Jr., Raumo, Finland.

  • 1919
    Sold to Ab Svenska Handels- och Sjöfartskompaniet, Stockholm, Sweden and renamed Ernst. Soon thereafter sold to Rederi Ab Mimosa and soon again to Svenska Lloyd.

  • 25 April 1920
    Struck a mine on Herthas Flak and sank with everybody on board.

  • Sten Lille, Lars Grönstrand: Suomen valtameripurjehtijat, ISBN 951-9064-31-1, published by Etelä-Suomen Kustannus Oy 1979

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