Date of launch18 April 1904
Place of launchPort Glasgow
Type4-masted steel barque
Length102.2 m (335.2 ft)
Beam14.3 m (46.9 ft)
Draft8.1 m (26.6 ft)

Later names: Dreadnought (1917), Moshulu (1917)

  • 18 April 1904
    Built of steel by Alex. Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow, for G.J.H. Siemens & Co., Hamburg. She was given the name Kurt and was rigged as a four-masted barque carrying royals over double topgallant sails.

  • 1917
    Confiscated by the USA and renamed the Dreadnought, but soon thereafter renamed the Moshulu when it was discovered that there was another Dreadnought in the USA.

  • 1935
    Bought by Gustaf Erikson, Mariehamn and put on the Australian wheat trade. At the time she was the largest sailing vessel in Finland.

  • 1939
    Won the last big Grain Race.

  • 1940
    Taken over by the Germans and towed to Kristiansand, Norway, where she was laid up and partially de-rigged.

  • 1947
    Sold to Gisken Jakobsen and J.P. Skotnes, Andenes.

  • 1948
    Towed to Narvik and later to Bergen, then bought by Trygve Sommerfeldt, Oslo. The same year towed to Stockholm to be used as grain storage.

  • 1952
    Sold to Heinz Schlieven, Hamburg, who planned to use her as a cargo-carrying schoolship. However, this never happened.

  • 1953
    Towed back to Stockholm and used as grain storage.

  • 1961
    Sold to the Finnish Government and used as grain storage in Naantali.

  • 1970
    Sold to the Walt Disney Company, who towed her to Amsterdam to fit her out to be towed across the Atlantic.

  • 1972
    Towed to South Street Seaport, New York and was rigged up with phoney masts and yards.

  • 1974
    Arrived in Philadelphia and served as a restaurant ship.

  • 1989
    The restaurant was closed because of a fire in the galley. Money to restore her to sailing condition was raised, but the plans were abandoned and the restaurant reopened.

The Moshulu under sail
The Moshulu for anchor outside Bogen, near Narvik
August 1945
Photo by Kiil Skogen
Appears courtesy of Hugo Kiil
The Moshulu of today, moored in Philadelphia.

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