Date of launch1902
Place of launchPort Glasgow
Type4-masted steel barque
Length99.9 m (327.7 ft)
Beam14.2 m (46.5 ft)
Draft8.5 m (28.0 ft)

Later names: Parma (1912)

  • 1902
    Built of steel by A. Rodger & Co., Port Glasgow for Anglo American Oil Co., London. She was given the name Arrow and was rigged as a four-masted barque carrying royals over double topgallant sails.

  • 1912
    Sold to Reederei F. Laeisz, Hamburg, renamed the Parma and put on the South American nitrate trade.

  • 1920
    Handed over to the British government as war compensation.

  • 1921
    Bought back by Laeisz and put back on the nitrate trade.

  • 1931
    Sold to a consortium in Mariehamn, with the legendary Captain Ruben de Cloux and the author Alan Villiers as the primary partners. She was then the biggest sailing vessel in Finland until Gustaf Erikson bought the Moshulu.

  • 1933
    The Parma made the fastest voyage on the wheat trade ever: Port Victoria - Falmouth in 83 days.

  • 1936
    Sold and used as a hulk.

  • 1938
    Broken up.

The Parma

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